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Bhavna Pani’s interview by LETIKA

A meeting with Bhavna, the first actress and dancer of the musical show “Bharati” 1 & 2. She describes herself as: Dancer, Actress(theatre mostly), Buddhist witch, Unapologetic dreamer, Transient warrior… Here is backstage, the interview I had with Bhavna after her Bharati show in Nantes (France).


LETIKA : Namaste Bhavna. We had met at the very beginning of your adventure in the musical comedy “Bharati”. How are you 10 years later?

Bhavna : I’m fine. The show has taken a lot of scale in Europe and our adventure is more and more rewarding.

LETIKA : What is your feeling after these 10 years of tours in France and Europe?

Bhavna : I realize that this experience is at the same time very important for me but also that it is ephemeral. I am recognized and considered in Europe whereas in India I am “a normal girl”!

LETIKA : To preserve your body, do you have a special diet when you’re on tour?

Bhavna : I’m a vegetarian, but I started eating fish recently. My meals are light before each show. After, I happen to eat a lot, depending on the energy spent on stage, but always healthy products. Sometimes I do not have a choice. I consume what is more natural and I prefer spicy snacks! I love various spice dishes. (Pitta).

LETIKA : Do you use the principles of life described by Ayurveda in your daily life?

Bhavna : My mother is a yoga teacher. She uses the principles of this medicine in her daily life and practice. I received from her her way of eating, according to Ayurvedic principles, and many ancestral knowledge that she still transmits to me. Thanks to her, my diet is adapted to my constitution and I remain in good health. She also teaches me yoga, but I do not practice regularly because I admit it bores me a little. I’m a little lazy sometimes (“Kapha”)!

LETIKA : In Mumbai, the city where we were born, and where do you live, what are your daily beauty rituals?

Bhavna : My ritual is basic. Everything happens after my shower. I apply to my face a treatment with sunscreen. This is the most important thing when you live in Bombay. When I remove makeup in the evening I pay attention that there is no trace left. If I feel a little embarrassment, it prevents me from sleeping well! My skin needs a lot of moisture, because at night the air conditioning dries up a lot. When I am in Europe I need to moisturize it even more because the weather is much drier. The hydration of my skin is morning and evening.

LETIKA : Do you have time to walk around, to recharge your batteries in this gigantic city?

Bhavna : Yes. It’s the dance that feeds me. Sometimes I spend a day in a spa. In short, simple things, finally …

LETIKA : Do you feel concerned or committed to a specific cause, or humanitarian?

Bhavna : Yes. I am a vegetarian and I am rather against the use of animal products. But I am not strict with others or with myself. For example, for the scene I need a lot of makeup. But it’s very difficult to find makeup without animal substances. But when it is possible to have one, it is a priority. I have a project of humanitarian mission: to work with associations that accompany children physically or mentally handicapped. When meeting with these children, I saw that they all loved dancing! I would like to set up a small school for her children in Mumbai.

LETIKA : Do you use your own care for the show, or do you bring your products from India?

Bhavna : For the show I buy my own makeup, I use rather conventional brands for professionals because I have no choice and I buy it in India or Europe.

LETIKA : Do you carry LETIKA products with you? Do you use them? What do you think?

Bhavna : The first time I tested LETIKA I loved it. I continue to use them after my shows in Europe. The second time I received LETIKA products, I shared them with my mom. She was conquered. LETIKA is validated by the PANI family! And as soon as I have no more product, I will go buy them on the site, because you also sell in India?

2 years later… LETIKA : Since the end of Bharati, what did you become Bhavna? …

Bhavna : Since the end of the Bharati tour, I returned to live in Bombay, in my house in Juhu. I work for the theater and I am an actress in several Bollywood productions. I work with beautiful people and I carry out actions of which I am really proud. I reach the golden phase of my professional life.

You can follow the news of Bhavna, in her official Instagram account :

Excerpt from the interview of Bhavna Pani :


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AYURVEDA, the oldest science of life in the world

Ayurveda is the art of living in harmony with the nature that makes us and surrounds us. It is an ancient way of life born in India more than 6000 years ago. This millennial science is based on the knowledge of nature, and its interactions with each individual. The term “Ayurveda” is broken down into “Ayus”, which means life and “Veda”, science.

Today, Ayurveda is a recognized curative and preventive medicine, because it has proven itself, especially on incurable diseases in the West. It is also a preventive practice that is more and more followers in search of balance and well-being. Food, medicinal plants, massages and yoga are the precepts …

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Moringa, a vegetable treasure from India

Originally from India, Moringa (Moringa oleifera or Moringa pterygosperma) is a plant little known in the West. This small tree resistant to difficult conditions: poor soil, heat and drought, has been used for millennia in the Ayurvedic tradition. He is nicknamed the “Tree of Miracles” or the “Tree of Life” for his many virtues. Flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, each part of the tree is of nutritional or therapeutic interest. Rich in essential nutrients, Moringa is known for its general antioxidant, tonic and depurative properties.


Its foliage has a high nutritional value: by virtue of its proteins and vitamins. Rich in 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory and mineral components, Moringa has great medicinal properties. Fresh or dried, the leaves are an excellent nutritional supplement, particularly useful in the face of malnutrition. Its leaves are also traditionally known to promote good digestion, strengthen the natural defenses and preserve the body from external aggression.

The fruits

Large green pods are eaten like vegetables. We eat only the inside of the fruit containing the tender flesh and the steamed seeds.


Its seeds produce an oil of great finesse, very nourishing with a regenerative action, soothing and anti-oxidant. Clear, fluid and stable, it has a sweet flavor. It can be used as a food oil. It is also particularly appreciated in cosmetics for its fine texture, its neutral scent, its anti-wrinkle action. Moringa seeds also contain a flocculant protein that purifies water in a natural way by precipitating impurities in suspension.


Cooked and incorporated in a recipe or consumed in donuts, the flowers can also be used as an infusion. They have purifying and antispasmodic properties.


The roots have a tangy flavor and can be used as a condiment to enhance certain dishes. They are traditionally known for relieving pain and inflammation.

 Moringa is an Indian botanical treasure. The Ayurvedic tradition tells that it is used in the treatment of more than 300 diseases! LETIKA uses Moringa oil in its formulas for the fineness of its texture and its antioxidant properties that fight against premature aging of the skin. This oil comes from several small family properties in South India that practice organic farming and have obtained organic certification since last year.

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Beautiful skin in the sun with Karanja

The sun, decried for its aging action and carcinogenic on the skin, is hunted by our modern society. Faced with this public enemy, the toast of sunscreen, often remains the only answer! A very bad relation to our star, whose natural light remains indispensable to our well-being. Organic Karanja oil, known for its natural photo-protective action, helps the skin to absorb sunlight, but also soothes redness and nourishes the skin.

Chemistry to the detriment of our skin and our environment

The sunscreens, used wrongly and through, prevent the skin from blushing and thus to draw the alarm signal. The sunburn, is a warning, to prevent that the skin is in danger. By artificially and partially filtering the sun’s rays, sunscreens do not avoid the danger of inappropriate exposure. The best protection is to listen to your body and, when the need arises, to put yourself in the shade or to cover yourself with clothes.

Not to mention that sunscreens, stuffed with chemical filters, release in quantity toxic molecules on our skin and in the environment, and weaken in particular the marine ecosystem.

Beneficial sunlight

We sometimes forget that sunlight and especially UVB are necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D, essential to the proper functioning of our body. A reasoned exposure is largely beneficial for skin, metabolism and … morale! Depending on the type of skin, a few minutes during the day or longer in the evening or in the morning, are enough time to fill up with vitality.

Karanja, ayurvedic solar oil

Originally from India, Karanja (or Pongamia) is a small, resistant tree. Its oil comes from the seeds, cold pressed, but all parts of the plant can be used for medicinal purposes.

Karanja oil is a natural sunscreen. It contains anti-oxidant flavonoids, which have a photo-protective action and give it an amber hue. It is a plant traditionally used in Ayurveda for its effective regenerating and soothing action of cutaneous irritations.