Beautiful skin in the sun with Karanja

The sun, decried for its aging action and carcinogenic on the skin, is hunted by our modern society. Faced with this public enemy, the toast of sunscreen, often remains the only answer! A very bad relation to our star, whose natural light remains indispensable to our well-being. Organic Karanja oil, known for its natural photo-protective action, helps the skin to absorb sunlight, but also soothes redness and nourishes the skin.

Chemistry to the detriment of our skin and our environment

The sunscreens, used wrongly and through, prevent the skin from blushing and thus to draw the alarm signal. The sunburn, is a warning, to prevent that the skin is in danger. By artificially and partially filtering the sun’s rays, sunscreens do not avoid the danger of inappropriate exposure. The best protection is to listen to your body and, when the need arises, to put yourself in the shade or to cover yourself with clothes.

Not to mention that sunscreens, stuffed with chemical filters, release in quantity toxic molecules on our skin and in the environment, and weaken in particular the marine ecosystem.

Beneficial sunlight

We sometimes forget that sunlight and especially UVB are necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D, essential to the proper functioning of our body. A reasoned exposure is largely beneficial for skin, metabolism and … morale! Depending on the type of skin, a few minutes during the day or longer in the evening or in the morning, are enough time to fill up with vitality.

Karanja, ayurvedic solar oil

Originally from India, Karanja (or Pongamia) is a small, resistant tree. Its oil comes from the seeds, cold pressed, but all parts of the plant can be used for medicinal purposes.

Karanja oil is a natural sunscreen. It contains anti-oxidant flavonoids, which have a photo-protective action and give it an amber hue. It is a plant traditionally used in Ayurveda for its effective regenerating and soothing action of cutaneous irritations.

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