The skin is the envelope that protects all other organs. Its function is to protect them and reveal their imbalances in case of problems. In Ayurveda the skin reflects the qualities of the pre-dominant dosha(s).

The predominantly VATA skin is fine, cold to the touch, dry and has premature wrinkles and fine lines. VATA skin does not easily retain water (hydration) like other constitutions, it needs hydration internally and externally.

The predominantly PITTA skin is warm, soft to the touch, sensitive and reactive, with a mixed tendency (fatter zone T). PITTA skin is more sensitive than others, it must avoid excessive heat and too much direct sunlight.

The predominantly KAPHA skin is thick, soft and cold to the touch, the pores are dilated and it is easy to bronze. KAPHA skin needs deep and frequent cleansing: it’s Kapha’s beauty secret. Impurities must be allowed to be dislodged by lubrication (fat), and exfoliated gently to allow the elimination of dead skin.

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