LETIKA beauty products are organic and ayurvedic treatments with unique formulas without water!

Because the skin needs a maximum of natural active ingredients to regenerate itself… LETIKA organic and ayurvedic beauty formulas are made without the “Aqua” base often present in cosmetics formulas (organic or not). Our base of organic Aloe vera juice and Rose water deeply moisturize very dry skins, soothe sensitive skins, and re-balance the skin that is more oily.
It is also both efficient and economical thanks to the LETIKA skincare ritual in 3 steps.

In the morning and evening, apply HYDRA-PLANTES (dry and mature skin) or PHYSIO-PLANTES (combination to oily skin) to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin.

Full of active ingredients, it is a complete routine that is offered to you.

> See LETIKA’s beauty routine in video <

The wisdom of Nature for each skin.

LETIKA base their formulas on the foundations of Ayurveda, traditional medicine born in India. The human is considered by its singularity but also in its globality: mind, body, mind. Based on the excellence of nature, as defined by Ayurveda, LETIKA offers treatments based on selected sacred medicinal plants, which, combined with each other, bring a total efficiency to re-balance each skin and to restore harmony.

The treatments offer an interior comfort that will be felt outside.

An exceptional cosmetic know-how.

Fabrication Letika

Our products are made in France in reasonable quantities for the respect of raw materials and producers. This manufacturing guarantees freshness, quality and efficiency of herbs and plants. Some of our ingredients comes from small organic productions in India. We select our suppliers based on the quality of their work and their ethic of production.

Respect for every living being is at the root of Ayurvedic philosophy. LETIKA militates against cruelty to animals and has obtained certification Cruelty-Free by the association PETA.org. Five products of the LETIKA range are certified “Vegan“. The rest of the range containing only our “wild beeswax“, however, remains very close to the principles of veganism. Since the one used in our products comes from wild swarms of South India, harvested by native tribes who worship a great respect towards the bees.

Ecological impact is at the center of our priorities.

Impact Letika

Ayurveda teaches the intimate link that links man to nature. The Ayurvedic care LÉTIKA are also organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife, under the repository COSMOS ORGANIC (only the ROSES PETAL MASK is not organic certified due to its red clay content). Organic certification is a guarantee for a cosmetic product to prove that it is closest to Nature and respects it.

The products also obtained the mention Slow Cosmetic in 2014. Association that rewards every year the brands that work for a smarter, more responsible and more human cosmetics.