COCOONING CARE – Body cream – 5.07 Fl.oz



Rich in moisturizing agents, the COCOONING CARE improves the firmness and the elasticity of the skin, leaving a soft and silky feeling. It is also soothing for sensitive or irritated skin. The Aloe Vera it contains makes it a complete product: suitable for the whole family, the low essential oil content makes it also suitable for pregnant women and can be used in baby massages.



Use COCOONING CARE after shower for perfectly hydrated skin. Is perfect at any time winter as in summer to moisturize and protect the skin. Can be used for a firming treatment once a month or during a 28 days intensive treatment program. To be applied in the morning and in the evening on one or more targeted areas.



This product is suitable for all constitutions: Tridoshas


The independent site of the renowned journalist “Rita Stiens” classifies cosmetics ingredients in categories to qualify them. Here are the results for this product :

 3sourires 22
 2sourires 4
Total ingredients 26



Organic aloe vera juice (70%), organic karanja oil, organic virgin coconut oil, water (resulting from the plant extraction), organic shea butter, fatty alcohol, fatty esters, organic glycerin (resulting from the plant extraction), fatty ester, fatty alcohols, fatty acid, fatty ester, wild beeswax, vit E, papaya extract, laminar extract, white sandalwood essential oil, dehydroacetic acid (nature-identical synthetic preservative) , seaweed extract, Sambac jasmine essential oil, vegetable gum, ylang ylang essential oil, cardamom essential oil, organic preservatives, aromatic compounds naturally present in plant extracts.