LÉTIKA got the mention “Slow Cosmetique®” and it is not a sign of “slowness”! On the contrary, the brands “slow” as in “slow food” are a bit like stars …

Slow criterion n °1 : For an “intelligent” cosmetics.

The cosmetics must respond adequately to the real needs of the skin. Cleansing, moisturizing and protecting the skin are basic needs and cosmetics must respond with sensible products or actions.

For that purpose, cosmetics must use ingredients from available resources that bring positive elements to the skin. The cosmetics must, for its part, demonstrate it’s effectiveness by proudly using naturally active ingredients that are beneficial for the skin without claiming exclusivity. Inert, inactive or unnecessarily processed ingredients should be avoided as well as any ingredient that may improve the health of the skin to the detriment of the health of the rest of the body or mind.

Slow criterion n °2 : For a “reasonable” cosmetics.

Cosmetics must not create new needs for the skin. Limiting the number of products and gestures necessary to maintain good skin health is fundamental to avoid the pitfalls of marketing.

In his speech, cosmetics must not make promises impossible to hold in terms of the nature of the product or the cosmetic gesture. Nor should it be anxiety-provoking and use the fear of aging or being imperfect to sell. Cosmetics must also not encourage the consumption of even more products or services.

Slow criterion n °3 : For an “ecological” cosmetics.

Cosmetics must be formulated and used with respect for the environment.

The least processed natural and organic ingredients should be favored in formulas that exclude any ingredient from synthetic chemistry, petrochemicals, animal exploitation causing death, as well as any ingredient potentially polluting to the environment.

Cosmetics must strive to minimize its ecological impact in all spheres of its design and use. Short cycles and exchanges at the local level should be privileged.

Slow criterion n °4 : For a “human” cosmetics.

The cosmetics must be formulated, sold and used in the respect of the human individual in  all its complexity. It must recognize the need for pleasure experienced by the individual as a quality, it must invite itself to cultivate it’s pleasure in a simple way.

Cosmetics must emphasize the benefits of plants, animals and minerals to the body as well as to the mind. Any ingredient or technique that is potentially toxic to humans should be avoided. Thus, the indidividual will be invited to come into direct contact with nature and will not try to recreate it synthetically.     

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