Respect for every living being is the basis of Ayurvedic philosophy. LÉTIKA is committed to respecting the rights of animals throughout the production chain and up to commercialization.

All LÉTIKA products are certified “Cruelty Free” by the PETA association. LÉTIKA treatments and their ingredients are not tested on animals, as animal welfare is a priority when designing Ayurvedic treatments.

Five of the care products in the range are Vegan certified: they do not contain beeswax or other ingredients derived from the animal. The rest of the range containing beeswax, however, remain very close to the principles of veganism, since the beeswax used in our care products does not come from hives that are managed by humans but from wild swarmsoriginating from the South of India. It is harvested by the indigenous tribes that consume wild honey, the excess wax being proposed to LETIKA so as guarantee an income wich allows them to have a better life in the heart of the blue monstains biosphere. The tribes have a great respect for the bees, their hives and their swarms.

The LÉTIKA treatments and their ingredients do not use palm oil either, so as not to contribute to deforestation and the decline of animal species that are threatened with extinction.

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