LÉTIKA: Ayurvedic and natural beauty treatments made with the highest quality ingredients from as many wild pickings and organic crops as possible.

1. Care approaching 100% plant active ingredients: no “Water” (or “Aqua”) base or superfluous ingredients. A precisely dosed concentration of each component chosen for their effectiveness and for their great compatibility with all types of skin.

2. Ingredients of natural origin, most of which are from certified organic farming (up to 95% depending on the products), wild harvests or small productions awaiting certification.

3. Care adapted to all skin types thanks to unique formulation techniques. Ultra-comfortable textures and targeted active ingredients. LÉTIKA treatments are quickly assimilated by the skin and act directly where it is needed.

The beauty treatments LÉTIKA contain a secret … a formulation guided by Ayurveda and compatible with each skin, an extreme richness of the active plants used for their energy and their virtues so that the skin regains its balance, its comfort and can self -Regenerate by harmonizing with external changes (seasons, hormonal cycles, stress …).