An exceptional cosmetic know-how for a high quality of formulas guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

With the collaboration of cosmetologists and botanists, LÉTIKA wishes to create a link between the small producers of India and those of our regions in France in providing products ultra-concentrated in botanical actives, which thanks to the principles of Ayurveda, are intended to all those who wish to find the fundamentals of their beauty!

LÉTIKA is today a young company on a human scale based in the west of France (near Nantes). In line with her ethical principles and with nature, she has chosen to change her way of thinking about cosmetics, a long and complex action that she wants to share with her range of treatments.

Our production site is located in the Loire Valley in France. Thus, we control at every step the quality of our raw materials and their implementation in our products.

LÉTIKA products are manufactured in reasonable quantities in respect of raw materials and producers. This manufacturing guarantees freshness, quality and efficiency of the assets.