The name LÉTIKA comes from Sanskrit and means “young shoot”. LETIKA organic beauty treatments are guided by Ayurveda and are made with the purest ingredients that are mostly from wild plant collections and organic crops mainly cultivated in Southern India, the cradle of Ayurveda .

Wishing to reconnect with her Indian roots, Céline-Shalini, founder of LÉTIKA, had travelled a long inner odyssey before creating her care line in 2012. She found her “Mother India” (Mother Earth) while on a journey of discovery fallowing in the footsteps of her ancestors. She saw the hardships that the farmers in the remote areas of India endured, the unability to support their families with their crops, their fertile land depleted by intensive and mass agriculture.

However these “forgotten” people of the market economy formed the lungs of the world. Faced with the delocalised tribes and exhausted land, it seemed important to her to return to the fundamentals by priviledging the work of the smaller communities.

At the same time, the founder of LETIKA begin to rediscover Ayurveda and the medicinal plants that are cultivated by these small groups of farmers. With the desire to have this age old science made known in France, using everyday products, she begins to reflect on a range of skincare products.

LÉTIKA, a balanced link : Thus, the bond between small producers in India and those of our regions in France was woven. 

On her return to France, and with the help of cosmetologists, botanists and Ayurvedic therapists, she created LÉTIKA. Thus, the link between the small producers of India and those of our regions in France is woven.