PHYSIO PLANTS 24h balancing cream



Its active ingredients act not only to regulate the sebum during the day, but also provides a natural protection against UV thanks in particular to the golden seaweed of the Atlantic Ocean. It also acts at night, stimulating cell regeneration, when the skin is at rest. It promotes a better penetration of repairing and anti-aging active ingredients, such as the polyphenols of Green Tea, or the Indian extract of Tikhor, which restores the skin to perfect uniformity, without create any shine.


Use daily on previously cleansed skin. Apply 1 dose in the morning (and in the evening if necessary), by gentle massaging on the face and neckline slightly moistened beforehand, by spraying with INDIANC TONIC lotion.



Recommended during the hot and rainy seasons. Especially suitable for Pitta & Kapha doshas.


The independent site of the renowned journalist “Rita Stiens” classifies cosmetics ingredients in categories to qualify them. Here are the results for this product :

 3sourires 27
 2sourires 5
Total ingredients 32



Organic aloe vera juice, organic Ayurvedic Roses hydrosol, coconut fatty esters, water, cetearyl alcohol, organic jojoba oil, organic moringa oil, virgin coconut oil, Arrow root, vegetable fatty esters, vegetable squalane, coconut fatty ester, natural glycerin, fatty ester, acacia gum, cetearylglucoside, xanthan gum, hibiscus extract, vit E, benzyl alcohol (concervator accepted in organic), citric acid to acidify, vegetal hyaluronate sodium , extract of laminar seaweed, green tea extract, organic preservatives, seaweed extract, essential oils: Jasmine grandiflora, sambac jasmine, white sandalwood, petit grain.