TRIKAYA OIL – Body oil for Tridoshas – 5.07 Fl.oz



Created with 4 vegetable oils that are traditionally used in India to perform Ayurveda massages, this formula is specially adapted to all skin types.

• MORINGA OIL: Is recommended in care application or in skin massage : calms the irritated skins, nourishes dry skin and regulates the cutaneous PH. This oil is suitable for massages of all constitutions (Tridoshas).

• SESAME OIL: Has a penetrating texture, it is a perfect base to be heated during an Ayurvedic massage.



In the morning and / or evening, massage the whole body (from head to toe) with TRIKAYA OIL previously heated to 37 ° C in a water bath or between the hands. To remove excess oil, take a hot shower using a mild soap. The shower or bath provides energy and purifies the body. Rinse. Once out of the shower or bath, dry slightly and apply if necessary COCOONING CARE on skin that remained slightly moist. It is best not to put essential oils in the massage oil.



This product is suitable and perfectly soothes for TRIDOSAHS, Vata, Pitta & Kapha.



The independent site of the renowned journalist “Rita Stiens” classifies cosmetics ingredients in categories to qualify them. Here are the results for this product :

 3sourires 5
 2sourires 0
Total ingredients 5



Sesam seed oil, grape seed oil, Moringa oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E

100% natural origin of total. 99,8% organic of total.